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Featured: The Care & Feeding of You by Toni Branner

Location: Hilton Garden Inn • Bend, Oregon – Sept 29th, 2017
Top Nutrition Tips rooted in Research!

SPEAKER, CONSULTANT: Exercise Physiologist, Professional Speaker, Wellness Consultant

DIRECTOR OF SEMINARS of Care & Feeding Partners: A network of doctors, dieticians, personal trainers and nutrition experts who work together to educate our community. They provide health-related seminars and workshops for Children, Adults & Seniors for over 27 years as well as personal consults.

DIRECTOR OF WELLNESS & PREVENTION: United States Performance Center, Charlotte, NC .

JUICE PLUS: National Marketing Director/ Research Specialist: NSA/Juice Plus

FITNESS DIRECTOR: Mecklenburg Aquatic Club, Charlotte, North Carolina .

FORMER PROFESSOR UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine FORMER DIRECTOR OF FACULTY & STAFF WELLNESS CENTER UNC-Chapel Hill

She is also an author of several books, Care and Feeding of a…. Dancer, Athlete, Soccer Player; a children’s book, Wilby’s  Fitness Book, The Safe Exercise Handbook (5th Edition) promotes the importance of a regular exercise program as a means of improving your health and quality of life. This book currently is used on US Navy aircraft carriers to guide military personnel through their workouts

“What is your dream? Is your dream for World Peace? Let’s hope that happens! My dream is for World Health! My dream is to change the tide of sickness and sadness in our country to one of health and vitality. I have been sharing this message with audiences and clients for 30 years. The answers to REAL health care reform are actually very simple. The very same changes and decisions that you make to be a better performing athlete, business owner, employee, parent, or student are the exact same changes you make to control your weight, to reduce your risk from all chronic disease and to have the health and energy to live life to the fullest. You need clear research-based information and motivation to point you in the right direction. I share tried and proven strategies based on real science that really work now and in the long term.”

–Toni Branner


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