A Cancer Survivors Top 10 Tips for Healing Naturally

My top 10 tips for healing naturally and for prevention and natural cancer healing.

It’s been 3 years now since I began my cancer journey and in this post I’d like to give you my top 10 tips for healing naturally and my recommendations for not only what to do if you’re facing cancer, but also how you can go about preventing it. Your chances of having some type of cancer in your lifetime is now 1 in 2 and climbing! The latest statistics from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America only continue to get worse.

Please remember though that cancer is not a death sentence! You can reverse and prevent this from happening. There are many people besides myself who have used natural cures that are effective in mounting a successful attack on cancer and other diseases. In no way do I have all of the answers, but I’m happy to share what I have learned in the hopes that it may help you, a friend or a family member. The Top 10 items listed below are only a few of the things you can do. I remember how overwhelming it was when beginning this journey so here goes. I hope something here will be beneficial for you. God bless, my prayers go up for you. 🙏

Every moment that you’re not attacking cancer, it’s attacking you!
– Brent Wallace

My Top 10 Tips for Healing Naturally.

Top 10 Tips for Healing Naturally
  • Eliminate Sugar!

    Try to eliminate as much sugar as possible. Sugar to cancer is like pouring gasoline on a fire. But you have to cut down on it, a lot! No soft drinks, they’re like drinking a 1/2 of can of sugar! This is an absolutely horrible thing to put into your body! Personally I substitute with Erythritol because I need a little in my coffee. It’s a natural sweetener that is gluten free and non-GMO. It won’t spike your blood sugar and it taste exactly the same but without the aftertaste like most others do.
  • Drink Essiac Tea!

    Start drinking Essiac Tea. It’s a mixture of specific ground up roots used by a nurse in Canada back in the 30’s and 40’s who helped many people cure cancer. Here’s a couple of special tips on how to make and store it. Add cinnamon before you boil, it helps with the earthy taste. Don’t expect a sweet tea! 😉 Make sure you get the kind that you have to boil. Let it set overnight then strain it. It’ll come with instructions. Make a gallon at a time and it should not be exposed to light. Store it in brown glass bottles in the refrigerator because it won’t last very long. A gallon should last you a couple of weeks or so. Many people drink it hot. As for myself I kept in the the fridge door in quart sized bottles and simply took a big swig several times a day whenever I was in there.
  • Eliminate Meat & Dairy!

    Try to remove as much meat and dairy as possible. Your body will thank you for it. Eat more of a plant based diet. There are tens of thousands of micronutrients in the plants that your body is not getting that are essential in healing and prevention of sickness and disease. Eat more fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts and grains. Gluten free and Non-GMO as much as possible. The nutritional value of our food supply in nothing at all comparable to what it was when we were kids. There are many other ways to get protein than through meat-based sources.
  • Use an Organic CBD or Full Extract Cannabis Oil!

    Full Extract Oil for Healing

    I would highly recommend you try a pure organic CBD or Full Extract Cannabis Oil if you’re also on a healing journey. The full extract cannabis oil kills is an extremely powerful plant that kills cancer cells! I’ve taken massive amounts of this type of oil in a suppository on my journey because my cancer was so agressive. By doing it this way you’ll bypass the liver and you won’t get high. It also allows your body to absorb more than you ever could by eating or smoking it. In fact cannabis suppositories deliver @ 80% of the plant medicine, cannabis orally delivers @ 35-50%, and smoking it around 15%. This allows for much faster healing, and the healing properties are enormous! Cannabis is also an incredible natural pain reliever! After my 5 surgeries I didn’t like taking pain pills but at times I had to. But for the most part though, this actually ended up replacing them and together they worked extremely well. The healing properties of the cannabis plant are off the charts effective! I highly recommend it.
  • If you’re in need of direction, I’ve been led to whom I believe is the world’s leading cannabis healer. It’s no coincidence, my friend James happens is a chemist, he’s an extremely intelegent caring guy who only wants to help just like myself! I can get you in touch with him if you’d like. Fire me a message, I’d love to share and connect you with him. On a more personal note, this has been a life saver for me on this run! I just completed a website for him the link is below. 🙏

Essential Extracts • Medical Grade Essential Oils for Health & Healing

  • If you have arthritis or other aches and pains the CBD oil has been extremely beneficial for thousands of people. There’s more and more research showing up everyday supporting the health benefits of CBD and cannabis oil and plenty of information available from the past few years. This is one of the higher rated CBD oils on the commercial market in several different strengths that I discovered in my research. Good clean oil.
  • Drink Lots of Good Water!

    Drink lots of high PH water. Cancer can not survivor in an alkaline environment so flood your body and help flush toxins from your system. I still drink up to a gallon everyday! You’re not going to overdose on it, it’s so good for you! Also sleep is vital and extremely important in healing! Our bodies heal while we sleep, so get a lot of it. There’s a great post on my site about sleep deprivation and how detrimental it is your health. There is another that explains about different types of water. Please check it out.
  • Vitamin B-17 and Frankincense Oil!

    Vitamin B-17 and Frankincense are also very beneficial for fighting cancer. There is a ton of information on the Truth about Cancer website. Please go check it out and watch their free video series. It’s unbelievable what you don’t know and what you can learn! This was a crucial source for us when we first discovered what we were facing.
  • Eat a Wide variety of Plants!

    Your body needs a WIDE VARIETY of plants. Eat every color that you can find! The wider the variety the better! There are literally thousands and thousands of small particles called phytonutrients in each different type of fruit, vegetable and berry. As an example an apple has 8-10 thousand different types and the only way you can get that into your body is to eat it. Obviously your immune system is missing key elements or you wouldn’t be sick! What you need and what I need are completely different. That’s why offering up such a wide variety is so important! Your body needs to be able to pick and choose what it’s missing so offerup all that you can.
  • Eat Organic! Eliminate Boxed/Processed Foods!

    Eat organic as much as possible add stay away from boxed, processed, and fast foods. I know that’s difficult to do for some but beyond that the quality of our food supply just isn’t what it used to be even when we were kids. This is why I highly recommend adding a concentrated whole food supplement to your diet. The type I take is the exact same organic nutrition that you would get from eating 30 different types of plants everyday. It is simply powerful high quality food that has only been crushed and dried into powders and put into capsules. THERE’S NOTHING ELSE ADDED!. It fills the void between what you eat everyday and what your body really needs. It’s NOT A REPLACEMENT for eating well at all though! The kind that I take is the most researched nutritional product in the world and it is backed by over 25 years of independent clinical studies from the top hospitals and universities in the world! It’s been my secret ingredient for restoring my immune system. I have absolutely flooded my body with tons of it! I was advised to take extra doses in the beginning because my immune system was so compromised and I still do to this day so that I can keep it strong and healthy! I’ve seen it work tremendously for thousands of others facing all types of health related issues.
Most Researched Product to Restore your Immune System!

World’s Most Researched Product to Restore your Immune System!

  • Change Your Lifestyle!

    Healing from cancer is not only physical but is also mental and spiritual. It’s a change of lifestyle. Take time to look at your life and evaluate how you can live a less stressful life. Stress is the number one killer that almost everyone is dealing with, especially when going through this battle. Read, research, and find a good support system. Prayer and meditation are extremely beneficial for everyone I have ever read about or talked to when facing this horrible disease.
  • Nutrition is so Vitally Important! This is at the top of my Top 10 Tips for Healing Naturally

    I know I seem to be going off on this nutrition stuff but IT IS SO IMPORTANT! Fruits, veggies, and berries are like fuel for your car, but your body needs oil too or you won’t make it very far! Another important thing to consider is that bodies don’t produce omega oils once you’re near the age of 50. The only way you’ll get them is to supplement. The benefits for you should be less aches and pains, they’re good for blood pressure plus they’re good for your brain! We could all use that huh? 🤔 Most people supplement by taking fish oil. Besides being awful tasting stuff that you’ll belch up all of the time much of it contains harsh chemicals, radiation and other harmful pollution from the ocean. Beyond that the fish don’t even make the oil, they get it from the plants they eat which is mostly algae! This is definitely one of my Top 10 Tips for healing naturally. I highly recommend you look into taking the omega oil blend that I do because it is not from the ocean! The capsules are gluten free and non-GMO. They’re made from plants and berries, and even the capsules are vegan friendly. There’s no absolutely no product in the world like this. It’s a new one of a kind product that has taken 10 years to develop.
Vegan Friendly Omega Blend Capsules

Vegan Friendly Omega Capsules

  • I share this in hope that I’ll be able to make a difference in someone’s life. Please watch the videos in the Health & Wellness area of my blog for more information. God bless and my prayers go up for you and your family or friends who may be facing this. 🙏

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